Friday, May 31, 2013


Dreaming about lights. Pouring over pinterest. 

Hope we can get some lovelies like these below for our kitchen:

From Schots

These ones are my absolute fav!
From Cape Cod Designs

I'm not sure what sort of light fitting I want to put over our dining table...

More lighting love on my pinterest board

Final decisions

I went into Hopetoun on the weekend. The sample of the Shaker style kitchen door was Polar White, so we were able to see what that looked like with the bench. It looks great with the Osprey. We'll tone down our glass splashback to Dulux Limed White Half so there's less contrast between it and the cupboards.

I love this kitchen (below) and it has the cool white cupboards with the warm beige walls and darker floors. Walls in this picture are darker than what we are having - but we could always paint the kitchen walls a darker colour to get this effect - maybe even the same colour as our backsplash - Limed White Half.

from  pinterest

So now the amended Colour Selections for the Kitchen are:

Kitchen Cupboard Doors: Laminex Polar White
Bench: Caesar Stone Osprey
Glass Splashback: Starfire Dulux Limed White Half
Walls: Lushious White
Trim and Doors: First Snow

Now I really have to stop thinking!  It gets me in trouble...  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Handles, Knobs and Pulls

One thing I do know I want is the handles for laundry and kitchen... I'll be buying the kitchen and bathroom handles on ebay from the US - even with the high cost of postage, they'll be cheaper than the upgrade handles that our builder offer. The laundry ones will probably come from Hong Kong with free postage - gotta love ebay!

Knobs for Kitchen Cupboards

Pulls for Kitchen Drawers

Knobs for Laundry Cupboard Doors

Handles for Bathroom Drawers and Cupboards

Second guessing...

I'm so indecisive about some things.

After realising that most of the laundries I've pinned on my laundry pinterest board are white I changed our laundry cabinet to polar white (prob more to do with the fact that there would be no extra cost to have the shaker styled doors I coveted).

Then I got to thinking again (probably not a good idea) about how the kitchens I pin on my kitchen pinterest board are mainly white shaker kitchens. ARGHHHHH! Time to go back to the drawing board. Do I want parchment our original choice (which is a creamy white) or a polar white (white white) kitchen? GAHHH!!!!  I just can't decide. I tell myself to go with what we first chose, but I keep going back to it...

So there's only one thing to do - go back to Hopetoun tomorrow and talk to someone there about my kitchen colour choices.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Still no idea when settlement is going to take place. Our conveyancer has no news yet so we just wait...

At the moment they are moving the extra dirt off the land. We assume that once they've finished tidying up the land they'll put on the last layer of bitumen and hopefully that'll be it.

Our driveway has been done - hopefully we'll be able to get a look on the weekend.